Measuring For Blinds

How to Measure

Always check your measurements carefully as we can not be held responsible for mistakes
Standard Window Measuring Instructions

Measuring your windows is not a difficult task. Follow the instructions to ensure a good fit for your blinds. Please measure in centimeters all though inches are acceptable. Before you start to measure you must first decide whether you would like your blind to hang inside or outside the window recess.

Getting Started

You’ll need a pen and paper and a good quality steel tape measure. Never use a cloth tape measure as they can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.

Recess Fitting

Choose this option when fitting your blind inside the window recess.
When making your blind, we will make a small deduction of around 10mm from the width you have entered. Don’t worry though, this is just to ensure your blind fits properly and works perfectly within the recess.

In the case of vertical blinds we will also deduct 10mm from the drop. This is to lift the fabric away from the sill/floor so your blind hangs perfectly.

There’s no need for you to make any deductions when measuring your recess. We’ll do all that for you to ensure your blind fits correctly.

recess fit Blind

Exact Fitting

Choose this option when fitting your blind outside the window recess.
When measuring for your new blind, decide how much you want it to overlap the recess on all 4 sides. We recommend at least 5cm (2″) each side in most cases.

Choose this option if you are measuring one of your existing blinds.

If you already have a perfectly sized blind and you’d like your new blind to be exactly the same, that’s no problem. Simply measure the width and the drop of your existing blind and we’ll make your new one to your exact specifications.

exact fit Blind


Tip: Do not forget to check for obstructions such as window handles, windows opening inwards, or perhaps wardrobe door opening towards window etc as these can prevent the blinds from either opening/closing or being able to be fitted in the first place.